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Car Magnet (2x) 12″ x 24″

Car Magnet (2x) 12″ x 24″




Invest in a cost-effective way to brand your vehicle today. A3 size comes in a pair. Car magnets can be put on and taken off with great ease which makes them convenient to move around on different parts of the car. Our car magnets are durable for long-term use.

• Full color printing

• Comes with two car magnets.

• 30mil pts magnet

• Artwork not included.

Production time: 3-6 working days


– Make your art the way you want it printed, whether rectangular or square. For example, if you want a rectangular flyer, do not create a square art because when it is adjusted to the print, it loses symmetry.

– The size for Car Magnet is 24″ wide by 12″ tall

– Remember to leave Safe Space in your art, since if you put information near the margin this can be cut by the cutting machines.

– Leave a margin of “0.25 around the art.

** We are NOT responsible for people who do not read these parameters for graphic art. **


– Borderless Arts

– Out of Resolution Arts, JPG, 300 DPI

– Photos or low resolution logos

– Small or very fine text that cannot be read

– We do not guarantee exact colors

– We do not guarantee exact cuts, please leave 0.25 “inch margin