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ROLL- UP Stand Banner

ROLL- UP Stand Banner




• Full color printing on one side

• 33″ x 79″ SIZE

• 13oz fabric

• Includes stand and bag

• Extreme quality of impression and finishings

• Artwork not included

Production time: 5-9 working days


– Make your art the way you want it printed, whether rectangular or square. For example, if you want a rectangular flyer, do not create a square art because when it is adjusted to the print, it loses symmetry.

– The size for Roll-Up Banner is 33″ wide by 79″ tall

– Remember to leave Safe Space in your art, since if you put information near the margin this can be cut by the cutting machines.

– Leave a margin of “0.25 around the art.


** We are NOT responsible for people who do not read these parameters for graphic art. **


– Borderless Arts

– Out of Resolution Arts, JPG, 300 DPI

– Photos or low resolution logos

– Small or very fine text that cannot be read

– We do not guarantee exact colors

– We do not guarantee exact cuts, please leave 0.25 “inch margin